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Building site fencing material TENAX GIGAN

 Tenax Gigan is the best material for building site fencing. Thanks to Tenax exclusive manufacturing, only Tenax Gigan has 16KN/M tensile strength. It is available in three colors, orange, green and blue. Green Gigan is well-written with the landscape.


 1. High tensile strength 16 KN/M

 2. Maximum structural strength

 3. Optimum resistance to chemical and atmospherical elements

 4. Maximum durability and reusability

 5. Suitable for installation in windy areas


Modular barrier system TENAX LIMIT 1

TENAX LIMIT - 1m high, is innovative and highly visible barrier system for use in road works, restricted areas and other locations. Limit1 is the lightweight and flexible modular system that is easily transported, adapted and shaped according to the demands of the application. Limit1 construction consists of a rust-resistant metal frame supporting the famous heavy duty Tenax mesh, known for its high tensile strength and its sturdiness.



  • 1. Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • 2. Versatile and easy to erect
  • 3. Reusable and resistant to chemical and atmospherical elements
  • 4. Available in three colors
  • 5. Suitable for installation in windy areas


  • 1. Picket for barriers in snow and soil
  • 2. Flat foots for barriers standing
  • 3. Plastic hooks for modul compacting
  • 4. Refractive band