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Secure grids for lawns.

RITTER® is ideal system for grassed carriageways and parking.

Ritter is used in areas where grassed lawns and also resistance to load is needed, for example, pavements, parking lots, helicopter landing zones, graveyards, parks, rivers and lake banks. Load bearing capacity-100tons/m2.Close-to-bottom holes in cell provides efficient cross-growth of grass roots. Bottom-holes are for efficient water-drainage, sod aeration and nutrient supply. Pallets do not displace even at large temperature variations. Due to various pallets we can create lawns of different forms.

Pallet size - 50sm X39sm X4.5sm

Pallet weight - 1100gr

 Color - Green

Material - pure high pressure polyethylene made from recycled material, stabilized against UV radiation.



EquiTerr® - the best material for different function squares and lawns.


EquiTerr® stabilizes squares and lawn basements, provides efficient drainage system and prevents soil layers mixing with each other. EquiTerr® avoids puddle creating, endures various temperatures and is easy for laid.

Pallet size - 50X39X4.5sm                               

Weight - 1100gr


Material - pre-recycled polyethylene, permanently elastic.



RoadEdgePave® - special element for fixing road verges


Pallets for road verges are used on driving lanes and cross roads for soil stabilization. After installation, RoadEdgePave® is filled with gravel, pebble or road metal, 20-40mm thickness.


Load - 2660 KN/m2

Size - 80X40X5sm

Weight - 7300gr


Material-Pre-recycled polyethylene