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In October, 2016, company Viacon Georgia provided hydro isolation material – geomembrane – welding works at 2500 sq.m water reservoir in Rustavi.
In September, 2016, company Viacon Georgia provided hydro isolation material – geomembrane – welding works at 2500 sq.m water reservoir in Akhaltsikhe.
In August 2016, company “Viacon Georgia” performed works on reservoir arrangement at oil terminal in Kulevi. The area covered by geomembrane amounted to 12900 square meters.
In September 2015, 6 m diameter and 80 m length pipe was installed by Viacon Georgia at Kobuleti Bypass II Lot, where MP200 corrugated steel structures were used.
Another successful project implemented by our company in October 2016, is an arrangement of an artificial lake for Golf Club located near village Teleti, for implementation of which company Viacon Georgia provided the delivery of hydro isolation material – geomembrane – necessary for arrangement of the lake, as well as, works on welding of the abovementioned material.
InMarch, 2016, company Viacon Georgia provided hydro isolation material – geomembrane – as well as geosynthetic material delivery and installation and welding works at 5000 sq.m landfill in Borjomi.
Was designed and installed the snow gallery of steel corrugated structures with the length 1167 m on Marabda-Akhalkalaki railway. It is already installed with dimension 8.65 m. The height of the snow gallery is 7.86m , thickness of corrugated steel structure is 5 mm, zinc coated layer is 70 microns.
In 2013 were designed and constructed more three snow protection galleries in the same sector in Marabda_Akhalkalaki with the length 308, 424 and 532m. For these three galleries were delivered by Viacon Georgia the corrugated steel structures with the same specifications.
Using the corrugated steel structures were constructed three viaducts on Tetritskaro-Tsalka railway sector. In cases of two of them steel structures are installed underneath the railways, while in case of the third one under the automobile passing are used steel structures of thickness 6 - 7mm and zinc coating 85microns.
Using the corrugated steel structures in 2013 were designed and constructed more four viaducts in Tsalka-Akhalkalaki railway sector, one of which is for arrangement of automobile passing on the railway, however steel structure of viaduct is located under the railways. In this case is also used steel structure of 6-7mm thickness and zinc coated 85 microns.
In Tbilisi, Digomi, there are arranged terraces using gabions delivered by Viacon Georgia.
Using corrugated structures on Kobuleti Bypass road was installed water pipe with the height 3.71m, width 4.64 and total length 29.7m.
100 m long Combigrid, which represents a combination of geotextile and geogrid, was installed at Natani-Ureki railway site, in the form of example. Combigrid not only eliminates diving of gravel layer in the soil of the roadway, but does not allow mixing of weakened, as a result of a frequent rainfall, soil into the gravel, which is under the sleepers. This provides full performance of gravel features and increases carrying capacity of the soil .
In Tbilisi, Ponichala, water pool of 250 sq. m. was installed by company Viacon Georgia. For the installation of the pool the following materials were used: Geotextile, for protection of the Geomembrane layer and Geomembrane for creating waterproofing.
In Rustavi in July 2015, reservoir of 600 sq. m space was arranged by company Viacon Georgia. Among the materials used were geotextile and geomembrane.
In October 2012, in Azerbaijan, Viacon Georgia team arranged 12 000 sq. m water pool. Through the use of geotextile, the protection of upper, geomembrane, layer from damage was achieved. And the geomembrane layer provided a complete waterproofing of the pool.