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Woven Geotextile


Geotextiles are woven of synthetic thread. They differ according to what material they are made of, also longitudinal or crosscut toughness. They are marked according to physical and mechanical features, which are instituted according to ISO standard and the country that provides the production.

Woven Geotextile functions in the soil:

  • 1. Separation
  • 2. Reinforcement


Geotextiles are used in following constructions:

1. Road and landscape construction with weak soil

2. Pipelining on weak soil

3. Retaining walls and mound arrangements

4. Footway, pots and gardening as soil divider textiles.


LTD ViaCon Georgia offers certificated geotextile, which corresponds to CE rates. We also offer professional consultation and technical support in projects and in places for geotextile consumption.