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Non-woven geotextiles.


Non woven synthetic geotextile is manufactured from polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene fleece in mechanical bonding way. Difference between non woven geotextils depends on from which material they are made of, the quantity of fibres and weight per 1m2, also textile thickness. Non woven geotextile is determined by its physical, mechanical and hydraulic features, which corresponds ISO standards or by standards established by the country that produces the material.


Non woven geotextile is used in the following applications:

1. Separation

2. Protection

3. Filtration


Constructions, in which geotextile is used:

1. Hydro-technical constructions: embankment reinforcement, harbor and bank arrangement

2. Protection from mechanical impact, on ponds, canals and landfill engineering

3. Footway and road construction: by layering between soil and drainage layer


LTD ViaCon Georgia offers certificated geotextiles, which corresponds to CE European standards. Company also offers professional consultation and technical support in projecting and geotextile consumption.