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Geomembrane is construction material which helps to divide soil membrane into upper and lower layers. Geomembranes provide compete seal against damp and soil particles. Layered in correct way it becomes completely hermetic. This feature is used in hydro technical and civil constructions, in construction units that are danger to environment, including household oddments bailment, petrol stations, chemicals’ warehouses, artificial reservoirs. HDPE geomemrane is extremely durable chemically stable. LTD ViaCon Georgia offers Carbofol manufactured by Naue Fasertechnic.

Wide range of bentonite geomembranes had found broadcast, which are made of natural bentonite clay. An immediate swelling following installation is ensured to safely self-seal any unexpected particles. We offer geomembranes of Natrium bentonite clay Bentofix manufactured by Naue Fasertechnic.