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Bentoix® (Naue Fasertechnic) is geocomposite material of Bentonite clay, which is used in sites where the problems of isolation occurs.

For example it may be in oil industry or storage of chemicals, in landfill engineering. Bentofix is three-layered geocomposite, needle-punched upper geotextile, woven geotextile for lower layer and natrium bentonite clay in the middle layer. This provides creating of secure layer, which is used as primary as well as the secondary isolation.

Geomembrane Bentofix is pure natrium bentonite in that points, that is analogical to 90sm thickness of clay layer, which becomes self-seal in swelling condition, creates safety barrier to water and oil products.

If Bentofix is used as secondary isolation for warehouses, then it provides inertial barrier to oil products.  Geomembarene Bentofix is self-isolating and self-restorable due to its clay expanding feature. Making seams on Bentofix is very easy. Bentofix is used in basements, underground parking hydro isolation, also in landfill engineering and carwash stations, as screen against filtration.