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Bentonit Clay Hermetic


Expanding hydro isolation for concrete works - Bentostrip

Bentostrip is a material, which expands in contact with water, and is used for concrete hydro isolation. It consists of 75% natural sodium Bentonite and 25% butyl rubber. In contact with water it expands more than 400%, providing a watertight seal. It remains flexible down to temperature of minus 150. Bentostrip is stable even to chemical substances, for example to concrete solution. Bentostrip passed the test in Mangell laboratory and has CORRO certificate



Bentostrip is fixed at 30 to 40sm intervals with the ends of the strips butt jointed. It can be glued to uneven surfaces and where nailing would not be possible, for example when sealing objects penetrating the concrete, such as pipes. Concrete cover of at least 75 mm is required.



1. BENTOSTRIP is supplied as a rectangular section, in rolls

2.  Rolls of 10m

3. Four rolls per box

4. Cross crosses by 19mm